Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clean Your Brains

A sharpie and a napkin are all you need to sprout a story. Fortunately that's exactly what sits on my desk at work when I take the couple of minutes a day to eat my lunch.

This li'l blog is a place to expand on my napkin doodles. Sometimes they're just stupid gags, other times they're maps or monsters. Occasionally you'll see stuff compatible with Pathfinder. Other times you'll see horrors that the mortal mind can not comprehend.

So without further ado.

The Light House Coast

At the southern end of the Free Duchies is the Light House Coast. A stretch of land infamous for the treacherous rocks and reefs which lay just beneath the surface of the ocean. There are few passable routes into the bays, those that exist are uniquely charted by the four Light Houses on the coast. These Light Houses were built long ago, during the age of some long forgotten empire. As ships approach the Light Houses illuminate a safe path for ships to travel in order to dock in Haighwall.

Adventure Locations

Brakwode (CR 2) - Home to wild tribes of gnomes and elves, the Brakwode surrounds the Ironspire Mountains. Unfortunately gnomes and elves are the friendliest denizens of the forest. Huge beasts and hordes of undead wander the woods, the soil does not let the dead rest easy in the forest.

Haighwall (CR 1-6) - Built on the burned out husk of a far older Dwarven port. Haighwall is currently in a state of functional anarchy. Three candidates seek to take power, but are held in check by each of the others. Haighwall itself is built on a series of cliffs which reach all the way down to the dockline, and up into the uplands themselves.

Halflight (CR 1)- Once a bustling halfling community. The village of Halflight has been overrun by goblin invaders. The villagers have since relocated to Haighwall where they subsist in a tent community just outside the city walls. The goblins in Halflight answer to a harsh and terrible leader calling himself the Pirhana Prince.

Light Houses (CR 3) - Each of the Light Houses is sealed shut, operating automatically on an ancient series of arcane systems. Protected by the Light House Keepers, this secretive organization swears allegiance to no one and has vowed that none shall enter the Light Houses.

Ironspire Mountains (CR 5) - The Ironspire Mountains has become home to Wyverns and Dragons, who have driven the Dwarves deep under the mountain where they are forced to defend themselves from the abberant creatures beneath the earth.

Field of Winds (CR 4) - The windmills here grind the wheat from the nearby farms. Rumor holds that some of the Windmills have been modified by some grim genius, bound to wind and earth elementals to power an infernal contraption.

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