Thursday, March 8, 2012

March of Evil - Part III: Interlude... of eeevil

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Just a short blog today I'm super swamped under at work and really not feeling up to posting a long spiel about gaming, morality and the like.

So instead I'm going to try to write an encounter in less than 500 words that you can drop in to your own game. Sometimes challenging yourself to write a little goes a long way.

The Den of Stinking Evil CR 3 (low tier) CR 6 (high tier)
A stench permeates the walls of this roughly circular room, a ramp of refuse and rotting vegetable matter dominates the southern end of the room leading to a trap door in the ceiling. While the rest of the ground is ankle deep in fetid water, bits of trash and organic matter bob sickeningly when disturbed. Occasionally a trap door in the ceiling opens causing more feculent matter to rain into the room with heavy wet plopping noises.

This room is the Fleringen family's garbage disposal, and one of the reasons they've never been caught committing their sick human hunts. Those they capture are mostly eaten, and what scraps are left are thrown to the Otyugh. It has dined on so many bones since its childhood that its stomach has grown sensitive to the smell of humanoids causing it disgorge the bits of bone and skin that its body is unable to digest.

Hazards and Terrain: The room itself is ankle deep in sitting water, with bits of garbage, meat, vegetation and refuse. Treat the ground as difficult terrain. Characters who are tripped or otherwise submerged in the water must make a Fortitude save or risk contracting Filth Fever.


Low-Tier: CE Young Corpse Feaster Otyugh (hp 32) (CR 5)

CE Corpse Feaster Otyugh (hp 51) and 2x Advanced Troglodytes (hp 17 each, equipped with Masterwork Flails; Attack +5, 1d8+3, x2) (CR 7)

Low-Tier: If the Otyugh hears the sound of combat coming from either the Hunting Lodge or the Secret Lab he immediately buries himself in the ramp of refuse, taking a 10 on his Stealth check in order to catch the PCs in Ambush. He vomits on the first round, attempting to catch as many PCs as possible. Fighting to the death to protect its lair and home.

High-Tier: If the the Otyugh and the Troglodytes hear commotion from the Hunting Lodge or the Secret Laboratory they immediately hide. The Otyugh buries himself in the refuse ramp, while the troglodytes take position behind some of the pillars. When combat breaks out the Otyugh allows the troglodytes to get into combat before bursting forth and blasting as many as possible with its Rot Vomit attack. The Troglodytes will use CMB and Aid Another in order to trip foes, and subject them to the filth fever.

Low-Tier: The Otyugh has been hording a small pile of gold and silver teeth, all that remains of the Fleringen family's victims. These masterfully crafted teeth are worth 50 gp in all. Furthermore the Otyugh has a potion of remove disease hidden in the refuse ramp (Perception DC 15 to find).

High-Tier: The trogs are equipped with masterwork tridents. Furthermore the Otyugh has a second potion of remove disease (harder to find DC 20 Perception).

Encounter Notes: A further +1 CR is given to the Encounters because of the monsters have favorable terrain.

494 words. Not bad, not bad at all.

In any case I hope you get to use the Den of Stinking Evil, at some point. If you do feel free to discuss it below, on my facebook page, or on This Thread at

As always, good night and good gaming.

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